Group Athlete Training

If you would like a free Group Athlete Training Class, please contact Collin Clifford at 732-271-1000 x232 or

TEST’s former Parisi Speed School has been renamed to Group Athlete Training. The new Group Athlete Training programs will not only incorporate speed/Agility training, but also power, strength and conditioning! This program change will create greater results for our athletes.

The trainer’s priorities for each athlete are:

  • Proper running technique - Ridding athletes of their inefficient movements when sprinting, decelerating, and changing directions.
  • Proper strength technique - Teaching athletes the correct technique when performing basic strength movements such as squatting, lunging, hip hinging, pressing, pulling, rotating and planking.
  • Applying the technique - Whether sprinting, jumping, or performing strength exercise, the form must be applied to the drills performed by each athlete.
  • Great workouts - Making sure the athletes work up a sweat and get a great workout, especially in our conditioning segment. TEST’s goal is to get each athlete to be in the best shape possible during competition.
  • Having fun - While enduring an hour of tough athlete training, trainers will make sure all athletes are enjoying their workout and love coming to the classes.
  • Tracking Results - Trainers track athletes progress in assessments and see improvements both short and long term.

Athletes are separated into two age groups:

  • Youth: Grades 1-6
  • Advanced: Grades 7-12

Class Schedule:

Group Athlete Training Schedule
Contact Collin Clifford 732-271-1000 x232 or for questions.
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