Individual Personal Training


  • One client, one trainer, one goal…to maximize your genetic potential.
  • Highest level of personal instruction that your mind and body will receive.
  • 60 minutes of intense detailed focus on correcting movement patterns and increasing the likelihood of attaining your desired goals and personal achievements.
  • Every aspect of your program design is monitored with specific focus on your success and rate of progression.
  • Your workout progressions are based on your individual success at achieving each building block with excellence at your own pace.
  • Your coach will always work with your goal in mind to drive your intensity level and your will to succeed.
  • Your coach will progress you toward your ultimate goal in a safe effective and fun manner.


  • Your trainer will identify and correct compensations in your individual movement patterns avoiding potential injury.
  • The ultimate level of safety & effectiveness is achieved as these sessions are only focused on the goals, intensity level, and will to succeed of one.
  • Every workout is tailored to the individual based on progressions in movement patterns, stability, mobility, strength, power and dynamic explosive movement.
  • Enhance adherence to your program.
  • Your goals will be set and realistically attained by using the best motivational techniques to get the most benefit out of every workout.