Team TEST-imonials

In 2011, Ridge volleyball decided in order to take their teams to the next level the players needed to be stronger and in better shape at the beginning of the season, and maintain their strength throughout the season. That is when we asked TEST Sports to design a program for volleyball fashioned after their successful football combine training. We felt their intense training was what we needed to compete with the top teams in the State. We ended our season sixth season ranked 9th in the State, we believe TEST and Her EDGE training is an integral part in attaining and maintaining an elite program.

The team went from 18-10 in 2010 to 34-4 in 2011 with the help of TEST Sports Academy...

Joanne Milot
Head Coach
Ridge Varsity Volleyball

Since TEST Sports Academy began working with our football program we have made great strides in our offseason program and it shows on the field. From a 1-9 record to a conference championship in just two years speaks volumes about what owner Kevin Dunn and his group have helped us accomplish.

Coach Jon Simoneau
Head Coach
Bernards High School Football