Elisa Scafuto
Elisa S.

I was an athlete in high school and attempted to stick to a workout routine in college. The Freshman 15 stayed through college and I have TEST to thank for getting me back in shape! Each week, I look forward to attending the classes at TEST. The instructors provide a ton of variety and always keep classes fun and interesting. I have inherited a group of women that have become my workout family. The atmosphere is super motivating and pushes my limits further each time. I feel stronger and better than ever!

Bill Freiberg
Bill F.

The TEST Team pushed me harder than I ever though I would be able to at 41 years old. The team helped me not only with exercise, but also gave great support for changing my diet. Through the course of the last year, I have lost over 50 lbs and for the first time in my life, I recently ran my 1st half marathon. My health is better than it has ever been and I am almost off all of my blood pressure medications. I cannot thank the TEST Team enough for all of their support as I have gone through this journey of getting in shape and turning my life around!

Nicole Perry
Nicole P.

I chose TEST because it is completely different from any other gym that I have belonged to in the past. The large field house gives you and the trainers the ability to work through unlimited, unique and fun exercises. The trainers are awesome and create workouts specific to my goals. In the two years I have been going to TEST, I have never had the same workout twice. It amazes me that at 40 I can say I feel as strong as I ever was... maybe stronger. THANKS TEST!

Joe M
Joe M.

As a cyclist, I'd averaged more than 10,000 miles a year. That activity came to an abrupt stop after a nasty crash left me with a fractured skull, broken neck, 5 broken ribs, punctured lung, and a broken collarbone. A year and three craniotomy surgical procedures put my body back together again. Getting back to 100% physically came about with the help of the team at TEST. The 'family' at TEST paved that road to recovery with encouragement, support, and coaching. The recovery is complete. Now I just need to get back my old form!!!

John Melody, Head Athletic Trainer, NY Jets

Please accept my compliments for the supportive role TEST has played in the rehabilitation and care of our players this off season. You provide our players with a challenging yet supportive environment to both recover from injury and transition back to the weight room.

Jacqueline Mileto

The TEST Team will help you become more active, control your weight and lead a healthier life. I say this because I have been a member since 2002; yes, 10 years! What a fitness center it is for me!

I kept it simple when I joined TEST; my goal was that I would like to improve my physical fitness. I was able to keep my motivation high with the support of the trainers in particular, Iwona. With her continuous guidance we set realistic goals and created plans. Change is good so I have progressed from being a fairly sedentary individual to participating in aerobic fitness like Step and Zumba, weight training, sculpting and toning, all through classes offered at TEST under supervision, guidance and safety.

The social aspect of working out with others has been an invaluable component in my succeeding. The support, laughter and fun I have with a group of ladies is a real comradeship. I even recruited an exercise partner; now that’s a friend!

Setting goals and reaching them has had a positive impact on me. It makes sense to exercise and the good news is that our bodies respond to exercise at any age!

Don Conners

I joined TEST Sports Club about four years ago after being a member of other clubs in the area. My workouts consisted mostly of cardio with little or no weight training. Having endured a chronic back problem; I was encouraged by Eddie Frayne to focus on a few specific exercises to alleviate some of the pain. The exercises initiated by Eddie along with some additional complimentary exercises have strengthened my back and has reduced the pain significantly over the years.

I have been training with Eddie for more than 3 years. He has incorporated a more balanced program to include weight training and cardio as well as a nutritional plan. As a result of this balanced program and cutting back on daily intake of calories, I was able to lose more than 25 pounds earlier this year.

I’ve enjoyed exercising at TEST Sports Club for the past 4 years. The facility provides a wide variety of equipment to meet your needs. The staff is always friendly and encouraging to its members in any of their areas of interest. I can still eat with the best of them but I always make time for a visit to TEST!

Dennis Khanduja

I joined TEST in 2007. I was driving between Mahwah where my work was, building a facility in Somerset. At the same time, traveling globally, I got into problems with construction on that project. I needed to stay in shape and keep up with the fast pace.

The only time I had was first thing in the morning at 5 am. Kevin did an evaluation and since then I have been able to keep working out with amazing trainers, which included Geir, Lauren, Karen and presently Scott. They all challenge me each day with incredible workouts which I mainly do in the field house. I couldn’t have done it without them; they are all great to workout with.

Cori Romano

I started training at TEST when I was 9 years old, and at the time I could brag about being the youngest client there. TEST was essential in helping me become the athlete I am today. I’ve trained from the gawky pre-teen up to a college level athlete. I’ve been going to TEST for 11 years now, and have loved every second of it. At first when I came to TEST, it was to gain a purpose. I was too young for organized sports, but too big not to try. I needed something to challenge me and help me improve my body. When sports became a much larger part of my life I started to focus more at weight training, agility, and endurance. As a freshman in high school I started Varsity Basketball and won a few meets for Varsity Track and Field. I went on to become a Varsity Field Hockey goalie and a Captain for both the Basketball and Track team. As my level of playing field evolved so did my experience at TEST. I switched over to the Martinsville building and began my toughest training yet. Because of all my hard work and the incredible trainers I’ve had I am strong enough to compete at Dartmouth College. There I am a D1 Track and Field athlete. I am proud to be a thrower; I compete in the Shot Put, Hammer, Weight and Discus throws. With my shot put career I’ve become a competitor in the Ivy League and compete at events such as the winter and spring Heptagonals representing Dartmouth College.

Carol Beaver

As I was bouldering up a chimney rock formation at Host Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico in 2009, I realized that if my old injuries (back and/or knee) disabled me on the high mountain mesa, it would be extremely difficult to get me out of there! That experience finally drove me to TEST Sports to develop my strength and balance so I could continue to hike wherever I wanted, especially the mountains of Idaho, where my daughter and son-in-law live. Thanks to three years of working out with Lauren, and additional classes with Mike and Eddie, I have been happily hiking trails in the East and in the western mountains.

My strength and balance have improved, even with some months of physical therapy last year. The FLIP program also helped me reach a weight loss goal on 10 lbs. I plan to continue to lose more weight, and become stronger and more flexible in order to keep an active lifestyle!

Ashley Nash

After four years of college life, I was out of shape. When you look at pictures of your graduation, you should be excited about having a diploma, not thinking, wow have I gotten fat. It was time to fix my diet and go to the gym. I started weight training in October, counting calories in December, running in March, and going to boot camp in June. I am now 61 pounds lighter and ready to go to grad school as a new me.

Carole Lytle

I spend my time at work convincing my patients of the importance of incorporating exercise into their busy weekly schedules. The health benefits range from strengthening your bones and cardiovascular risk reduction to stress management. I like to practice what I preach; it makes me more persuasive. I have enjoyed running for decades but it is tough on the knees and hips. I needed a more balanced fitness program and have found that at TEST. I have never lifted weights until I joined TEST several years ago and it has enhanced my overall fitness. Someday I may be brave enough to tackle some personal training! Harder, better, faster, stronger!

Ceci Minishak

My name is Ceci Minishak. I've been a member at TEST Sports Clubs for over 3 years. For me, fitness and good nutrition are just a way of life. I have always been into physical fitness. My family laughs at me because they know working out is the one thing I will not miss during my crazy week filled with school, kids’ sports and every day responsibilities. My husband, Frank & I have lived in NY, Florida, California & now NJ...always joining a gym or fitness center. I have 2 boys, Jack 15 & Alek 12. I believe that physical fitness is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. It makes us all more capable of mentally & physically being able to focus and handle our busy lives.

I love it here at TEST! Since joining, I have made so many new friends and interact with people from all walks of life & every fitness level. It's always exciting to see the transformation in people, as well as, in myself. I enjoy the smaller more family oriented atmosphere. I like that I know everyone who works here and feel like the gym is my home away from home. Ask anyone, I've driven through snow storms to fit my work out in....some might call it crazy, but I call it my "sanity" check! I have found all of the staff and trainers to be very helpful & extremely knowledgeable in offering advice on form, technique or just giving general fitness advice. There are so many gyms & fitness studios around, but I found more than just a fitness center at TEST, I found friends!

Gary Closterman

As a sales executive who traveled 3 to 4 days a week and father of 4 young children my time was very limited. When traveling for business I was stuck in meetings all day, taking customers out to dinner and than continuing those festivities into the late hours of the morning. I knew I had to change my lifestyle and do something as I was getting close to 50 pounds over weight. I ran across someone whom had attended TEST before and he suggested I check it out. After talking to the team at TEST and taking a few free sessions I realized this is what I needed to do. After making the commitment the team at TEST was extremely supportive, providing advice and sound instruction throughout work-outs, monitoring your goals and pushing you to achieve those goals. I can not say enough about the level of commitment & dedication from the trainers, they truly want you to succeed and put all their effort into it. This experience has truly changed my life for the best and I would recommend anyone who needs to get into shape to speak with the team at TEST.

Jennifer Norcia

Throughout childhood I was involved in many sports and continued as an athlete through high school and into college. As an All-State fencer in high school I was able to earn a full scholarship to college, beginning at FDU and then transferring to Rutgers in my sophomore year to fence there. Although I was always very active, I wouldn't say that I was "in shape." Knowing that I was a good athlete throughout life, made it difficult to deal with my weight struggles once college and fencing ended. Using the motivation of getting in shape for my wedding I joined TEST Sports Clubs. I was nervous thinking about how long it had been since I had exercised at all and the long road ahead. To help me make this a lifestyle change I knew that working one on one with a trainer would be my best option, so for Christmas I asked my family to buy me sessions at the gym. Over the past three and a half months I have been training with Ilze twice a week so I would get in shape and learn the proper technique at the same time. Well, today I can honestly say that I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life! Since I started on this journey, I have lost 50% of my body fat! My sessions with Ilze are amazing because she pushes me harder than I would EVER push myself and my body has been transformed! I am proud to say that with the motivation that my sessions with Ilze have given me, not a day goes by that I do not look forward to going to work out at TEST! Everyone at TEST is so nice and it is truly an honor to be chosen for a Testimonial!

Kate Grochala

Training with Lauren T. for the past 16 months has changed my life. I am the fittest I have been in my adult life since my twenties. Thanks to Lauren's expertise and encouragement, I feel great and am proud of myself.

Laura Sadler

I was never an athlete as a teenager or young adult. I started running when I was in my 30’s and could not even make it around the block. I had a goal of running a 5K and the rest is history.

I would like to thank TEST (and John) for helping me to achieve my goals as an ultra marathoner. TEST has helped me to stay injury-free for many years by introducing strength exercise along with plyometrics.

In the future, I would like to run the Western States 100 Ultra. This is my new “5K” dream.

Amy D'Allesandro

When my baby daughter starting sleeping through the night last November, I found that I finally had some extra energy, but at the same time was feeling sluggish and depressed because of weight that I had put on during and after the pregnancy. We had recently moved to the area, so I stumbled upon the gym one weekend while running errands. I made a decision to join and started on December 21 - the shortest, darkest day of the year, and this year, it also was during a snowstorm and cold spell. I figured that if I could drag myself to the gym on THAT morning, then I had no excuse for the rest of the year! Right after Christmas, I also connected with Karen and have been training with her since. I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again, have more energy than before, and less stress from my very busy job. So glad that I found TEST, and love feeling better and better all the time!

Paul Thomas

I joined TEST back in 2000 when they were in the smaller facility across the street. I started off training with Kevin Dunn to help improve my golf game. I was always an avid runner until I had my hip replaced back in 2007. That set me back for a few months, but when I finally got back into my routine, I met Lauren and have been working with her 3x/week ever since. Thanks to the TEST team for keeping me and my family healthy for so many years.

Ron Sabatino

I joined TEST Sports Clubs to relieve chronic back and shoulder pain and help with weight loss. I have been working out practically my entire life through soccer, baseball and many intramural sports. I enjoy playing, but along with the fun came many aches and pains. In my efforts to relieve my painful back and shoulder, I joined many different gyms, went to several doctors, took a number of pain killers, and tried various workout programs. None were as successful as TEST. The TEST team brings customer service to the gym atmosphere. They provided me with more than a clean towel and a locker. The trainers KNOW what they are talking about and are willing to help you even without a private session.

Suzanne Scannell

I have been a TEST Sports Club member since back in the old facility but on December 31, 2009, I did an unusual thing, I made a New Year’s Resolution (along with millions of other people), I decided to lose weight. I had been training with Ilze pretty regularly and discussed my plan with her. We decided I would schedule weekly training sessions and increase my small group exercise classes with Iwona to two times a week. I also began walking with a small group of women every morning at the school where I teach. With these commitments in place I felt pretty good when lo and behold; the FLIP program was brought to my attention! Iwona was going to “coach” a team so I immediately asked her to count me in! Between the commitment to exercise, the motivational support of my FLIP team and the excellent food management training I received from Iwona, I turned a preliminary goal of maybe losing 5 pounds (I hadn’t had much luck in the past and didn’t want to set my sights too high) to actually losing 20 pounds (and still losing) as well as decreasing my body fat by 5%. I feel great and learned so much about how to keep myself lean and fit, and although I did work hard for it, I know a lot of the credit belongs to the commitment TEST makes to its members! Thank you one and all!

Lisa Pozo

Since joining the F.L.I.P. program in January and becoming a member of TEST shortly thereafter, I had one goal in mind—to lose weight. As hard as it was to get started, once I did, the wonderful staff at TEST made me feel comfortable and eased me into a balanced routine which included cardio, weight training, and, best of all, Group Training classes. The group training helped me in a big way to achieve my goal...especially the Ladies Fit class with Ambyr and the Burn Baby Burn class with Eddie. These classes add variety to your workout as well as the company of others who are working toward the same goal and it makes the “work”-out much more fun! I love coming to TEST and appreciate everything it has to offer... whether you’re training for the Combine or a working mom who wants to get in shape, there is something for everyone. Thank you, TEST!

Cindy Helmers

Forget calling 9-1-1. When you need to be rescued call TEST. As a perpetual dieter who struggled all her adult life with weight issues I’ve tried every diet known to man. I have yo-yoed my way thru years losing then gaining back hundreds of pounds. It seemed hopeless. Then I got the email that TEST was running the FLIP weight-loss program.

I signed up with a goal of 30 pounds and to be in the gym 3 days a week. Everyone on the staff was so supportive and encouraging that I loved being at the gym. Soon I was in 5 days a week, taking classes, and working with Eddie Frayne and Jim Brown. The weight started to come off. 12 weeks later I have reached my goal of 30 pounds and I am still losing. I’ve only just begun this journey to a new me, but so far I like what I have accomplished and look forward to what the next 12 weeks bring.